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With time I have been getting into photography a bit more seriously and I spend some of my time out and about equipped with my camera to capture interesting shots. Here you find a selection of images taken recently - feel free to browse through these in your own time, and most importantly - enjoy. If you like the site, why not bookmark it?

Should you have any comments, feedback, requests for high resolution images for commercial or editorial use, or any other enquiries please email me at

Enjoy browsing!

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German Parliament - (c) Solar Worlds Photography German Parliament
Amazing mirror column inside the glass dome of the Reichstag building provide light and heat into the plenary chamber
Memorial Church - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Memorial Church
These ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechniskirche in Berlin remind of the second World War
Breaking Ocean Wave - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Breaking Ocean Wave
A close view of an Atlantic Ocean wave breaking
Moonlit Teide - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Moonlit Teide
View of Spain's highest mountain at midnight
Lizard - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Lizard
Meet & Greet this little reptile
Alien Scape - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Alien Scape
Get into the alien mood by checking out this postcard picture from their homeland
Igniting Match - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Igniting Match
What happens during the fleeting moment of igniting a match? Give it a click and have a look.
London Underground Sign - (c) Solar Worlds Photography London Underground
One of the best known symbols of London is the London Underground Sign - this one is at Piccadilly Circus
Heinz Baked Beanz - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Heinz Baked Beanz
An attempt to take a perfect studio shot of this iconic brand
Fruit Tart - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Fruit Tart
Trying a hand at food photography has its perks - I got to eat this yummy fruit tart afterwards!
Peppercorns - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Peppercorns
Like it hot? Here is a detailed view of a mixture of different peppercorns in various colours
Blue Smoke - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Blue Smoke
Nature is beautiful - especially when it is unexpected. A closer look at incense smoke reveals amazing spiral structures
Trottole Tricolore - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Trottole Tricolore
Pasta pieces up close
Citrus Press - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Citrus Press
Studio close-up of a shiny stainless steel citrus press
Lloyds Building - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Lloyds Building
This modern architecture landmark at One Lime Street in the City of London is illuminated beautifully at night
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