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With time I have been getting into photography a bit more seriously and I spend some of my time out and about equipped with my camera to capture interesting shots. Here you find a selection of images taken recently - feel free to browse through these in your own time, and most importantly - enjoy. If you like the site, why not bookmark it?

Should you have any comments, feedback, requests for high resolution images for commercial or editorial use, or any other enquiries please email me at

Enjoy browsing!

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Lloyds Building Detail - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Lloyds Building Detail
Almost abstract architectural detail of a section of the Lloyds Building in the City of London
Inside the Gherkin - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Inside the Gherkin
At night time, the dark blue glass becomes translucent - allowing a glimpse inside the Gherkin
Teide Landscape - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Teide Landscape
A view across Teide National Park in Tenerife
Phalenonopsis Orchids - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Phalenonopsis Orchids
Macro study of these beautiful white & pink orchids
Shark! - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Shark!
Seeing eye to eye with the shark - if you are feeling strong and adventurous, click on this one.
Gorilla Profile - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Gorilla Profile
Detailed profile portrait of this powerful primate
Ocean Wave - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Ocean Wave
Close-up of a breaking wave
Penguin March - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Penguin March
Loro Parque in Tenerife features the world's largest indoor penguin exhibition. This little friend is certainly enjoying himself!
Hidalgo Lighthouse - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Hildago Lighthouse
This modern lighthouse erected at Hidalgo in the North-Western part of Tenerife features interesting architectural design
Windows - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Windows
The crossing bars covering these windows form an abstract view
Teide Star Trails - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Teide Star Trails
Taken during a time of total solitude at 2,400m - stars trailing in circles above the peak of El Teide
Dolphin Show - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Dolphin Show
Jumping dolphins at the fantastic dolphin show at Loro Parque, Tenerife
Purple Orchids - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Purple Orchids
Beautiful Phaelenopsis orchids
Chimp Portrait - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Chimp Portrait
A rather photogenic chimp at Loro Parque, Tenerife
Alligator - (c) Solar Worlds Photography Alligator
Too close a close-up of a alligator's head with all those lovely teeth...
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