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Phocylides (in the centre of this image) is a crater located in the south-western area of the Moon, with a diameter of about 70 miles. It has a flat floor of lava with a few craterlets - the largest of which is Phocylides N (9 mi) in the north-eastern crater corner - clearly seen here. Further in that direction, Nasmyth (47 mi) has had its walls crushed by Phocylides to the South and is overlapped by Wargentin (51 mi) in the North. The three craters form an interesting trio.

Also visible towards the top of the image is large crater Schickard (137 mi) which has very high walls with summits reaching 2,700 m. The large elongated crater seen in the bottom right corner of the image is Schiller (108x43 miles) which may have its shape from a low-angled meteorite impact.

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