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Mersenius Rille
Rimae Mersenius is seen here stretching from the centre of the image downwards into a network of parallel rilles. Mersenius Rille is actually nearly 140 miles long, but only 1 mile wide. Mersenius (51 mi) is the crater near the south-western end of the rille, seen here near the bottom of the image, left of the centre. Towards the north-east (top-right) are craters Mersenius P (25 mi) and Mersenius S (9 mi) which appears to have quite high crater walls illuminated brightly by the rising Sun in this image. Just South of it, near the Mersenius Rille, is similar-sized Mersenius C appearing very bright here.

The large crater in the centre-right is Gassendi (67 mi) featuring a double central mountain 1,200 metres high. Gassendi A (20 mi) overlaps its crater walls to the North.

Eastwards (right of the image) is Mare Humorum.

Mersenius Rille - (c) Solar Worlds

The following image was taken a month later. The use of a narrowband red filter helped in revealing some more detail in the same region:

Gassendi Nov06 - Solar Worlds

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