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Straight Wall

The Straight Wall, or Rupus Recta, is located in Mare Nubium. It is a 300 meter high fault which stretches from Thebit D, the small crater in the north (3 miles diameter), to a small mountain in the south. South is up-left in this image.

Straight Wall

Towards the left facing the Straight Wall is steep crater Birt (10mi) which has Birt Rille extending 30 miles towards the north, just about seen in this image in the twilight of the terminator. On the opposite side of the Straight Wall there is Thebit (35mi) with Thebit A (12mi) in its west wall, and magnificent 11,000 feet high Arzachel to its north which features a 4500ft central mountain, seen here just top left of the image centre.

Recorded using a Toucam through my 8" Meade LX200GPS at home in London, the seeing didn't allow for a barlow. I stacked the best 400 of around 2000 frames using Registax.

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