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Lunar Eclipse

In the night of 3 March 2007, a Lunar Eclipse was observable from different parts of the Northern Hemisphere, including totality being visible from the UK. Against all odds, the weather was favourable from London and here are some photos of this fantastic event.

When eclipsed, the Moon is fully immersed in the shadow of the Earth. The only light reaching our Lunar companion is light refracted through our thin atmosphere. Depending on dust content, this light will be red in colour - similar to the red colour we see at sunset. The more dust particles are in the atmosphere, for example following high volcanic activity, the deeper the redness.

Lunar Eclipse March 2007 - (c) Solar Worlds

Lunar Eclipse Panorama - (c) Solar Worlds

Lunar Eclipse First Light - (c) Solar Worlds

These images were taken using my Canon EOS 5D digital camera at prime focus of a Celestron C11 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

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